dijous, 12 de maig de 2011

- Política. PSC té veu a Madrid

El PSC es va baixar els pantalons davant del govern central votant en contra dels 1,450,000,000 d'Euros del fons de competitivitat.

"PSC has a say in Madrid" (PSC = Partit Socialista de Catalunya = Socialist Party of Catalunya)
"Alright, Daniel, you can all leave now and start cleaning Moncloa's toilets. And no moaning, huh?!
"Yes, My lord Zapatero"

PSC is the Catalan version of the PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español = Socialist Party of Spain, basically). And PSC got to vote against Catalunya's interests (by denying 1,450,000,000€ funds from the central government to Catalunya) and they still claim that they didn't follow orders from PSOE and that they veil for Catalans' interests.
As you can all see, Daniel Fernández (representant of PSC) is bowing infront of José Luis Rodríguez ZAPATERO (current president of Spain, and president of PSOE) and granting him his wishes. Moncloa's Palace

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