dijous, 26 de maig de 2011

- #Acampadabcn Segons Intereconomía

Aquesta és la segona d'una sèrie de 9 tires còmiques sobre l'acampada de Barcelona. El punt de vista del canal de televisió: Intereconomía.

This is the second strip out of nine. A series about what happened these past few days in Barcelona. This is the extreme-right TV channel: Intereconomía's point of view.

Idea original: Guillem Roura

dimecres, 25 de maig de 2011

- #Acampadabcn Segons els Organitzadors

Aquesta és la primera d'una sèrie de 9 tires còmiques sobre l'acampada de Barcelona. El punt de vista dels organitzadors.

This is the first strip out of nine. A series about what happened these past few days in Barcelona. This is the organizers' point of view.

Idea original: Guillem Roura

dimarts, 24 de maig de 2011

- Política. Les El·leccions Municipals

Aquí tenim a la cúpula suprema de CiU: Obi Mas Kenobi; Anto-ni Adi Mundi i el mestre Pujoda recolzant al padawan Xavier Trias.

*with illusion*
"Hereu bye!"

This is not going to be easy to translate and explain.
On the left side of the picture we have CiU bosses. CiU is the central right party that is currently ruling in Catalunya. Their current president is Artur Mas (the guy with the massive chin) and he is also the current Catalunya's president. He is playing as Obi Mas Kenobi.
Then there's Antoni Duran i Lleida (the bald guy with glasses). He's CiU's representant in the central government of Spain. And he is playing as Anto-ni Adi Mundi.
There's also Jordi Pujol (the small lad). He is CiU expresident (now retired) and he was the president of Catalunya before Montilla, for 23 years. He is playing master Pujoda.
And last AND least (I particularly don't like him very much), there's Xavier Trias (the guy waving). He just won the elections for mayor of Barcelona, and he also belongs to CiU. He's not portrayed as any known Star Wars character because he's a padawan. He still has a lot to learn to join CiU's big shot group.

On the right side of the picture we have two PSC politicians (from the Socialist Catalan Party). If you have seen the previous strip there's José Montilla (the light bulb man) comforting Jordi Hereu (now ex-mayor of Barcelona because he's just lost the elections).

The joke here is double. First I turned the guys from CiU as members of the Jedi Council because, to me, they do resemble at least some of the characters. And secondly (funnier to the actual catalan viewers), the new mayor is saying to the old mayor "Hereu siau" that nearly sounds as "adeu siau" which means "goodbye" in catalan.

- Política. L'Ex-President


"So who did you say you were again?"
"I'm Mr. Bombilla, Catalunya's expresident."

Catalunya's last president's name is "Montilla" and it rhymes with "Bombilla" (which means Light Bulb). It's also important to know that when someone is bald, we say "you look like a light bulb". And turns out that Montilla is bald. I know, quite a bad joke ;)

dimarts, 17 de maig de 2011

- What do they all have in common?

"Em temo que haurà de facturar aquesta maleta"
"Però si hi entra bé!"

Endevineu què tenen tots aquests en comú. Efectivament, tots viatgen amb Ryanair.
La dona grassa no podrà passar la maleta perquè en duu una de mà; l'home de la maleta ha comprat el bitllet per easyjet; la dona del bebé no se li permet pujar dos articles tot i haver comprar el seient addicional del seu fill... la llista és infinita.

Guess what all these people have in common. Yes, all of them travel with Ryanair.
The fat woman won't be able to check her suitcase unless she fits her handbag in there; the man with the suitcase has bought his ticket in easyjet; the mother can't get two things on-board even though she has booked TWO seats... the list is infinite.

dijous, 12 de maig de 2011

- Política. PSC té veu a Madrid

El PSC es va baixar els pantalons davant del govern central votant en contra dels 1,450,000,000 d'Euros del fons de competitivitat.

"PSC has a say in Madrid" (PSC = Partit Socialista de Catalunya = Socialist Party of Catalunya)
"Alright, Daniel, you can all leave now and start cleaning Moncloa's toilets. And no moaning, huh?!
"Yes, My lord Zapatero"

PSC is the Catalan version of the PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español = Socialist Party of Spain, basically). And PSC got to vote against Catalunya's interests (by denying 1,450,000,000€ funds from the central government to Catalunya) and they still claim that they didn't follow orders from PSOE and that they veil for Catalans' interests.
As you can all see, Daniel Fernández (representant of PSC) is bowing infront of José Luis Rodríguez ZAPATERO (current president of Spain, and president of PSOE) and granting him his wishes. Moncloa's Palace

- Català Correcte. Pt 1

Perquè encendre la tele no és el mateix que engegar la tele.

"Kiddo, what did you say you needed the matches for?"
"Light up the TV"

This joke is for a campaign whose aim is to teach people proper catalan words and expressions because we tend to translate things directly from spanish and sometimes they sound good to us, but we ignore that they are actually wrong.
In this case, we say "encendre la tele" which literally means "to light up the tv" (that's why the matches and the fire in the joke). And this is a mistake we get from spanish. We should say instead: "engegar la tele" which means "to turn the tv on".

dissabte, 7 de maig de 2011

- The Irish. The Great Potatorld

Yes indeed. This is how I imagine the irish see the world - one giant potato! :)
Afirmativament. Així és com m'imagino que els irlandesos deuen pensar-se que és el món! Una patata gegant!

divendres, 6 de maig de 2011

- Burocracy and Business Pt.3

Avui en dia, fer-se el DNI o el Passaport és un maleït infern.
Com molts de vosaltres us podeu imaginar, no fa gaire que vaig anar a fer-me el passaport. Tot el matí perdut perquè la màquina dels ous "no donava tiquets".

"The machine has the poweeeer. Only it decides who deserves a tickeeeet!"
"Oh godess of the documents. Praise you!"
"Mum, what's wrong with that woman?"
"More scraps! Bring me more scraps!! MORE!! Or there won't be any more tickets!"

Nowadays, queuing up to get your ID Card or Passport done is a real pain in the ass!
As many of you might guess. I recently got my passport done, and that took all morning because the damn machines wouldn't give numbers away for us to get the documents done.

dijous, 5 de maig de 2011

- Filosofia Mourinho ¿Por qué?

Les grans veritats i les grans preguntes de la vida. Coneixeu algun dels autors?

Great truths of life and the biggest questions. Do you know any of the authors?

in order from left to right:
"I think, therefore I am"
"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing."
"The republic, the prudence and the ideas"
"God is dead"
"The subject ends up dominated by the capital"
"And after myself... chaos"
"What is man?"
"No wise man can stop feeling"
"Deus sive natura"
"Laissez-faire, laissez-passer"
"Natura non saltum facit"

The joke goes after the first champions semifinal match. Mourinho asked himself infront of the press "why does Barcelona need help from all the referees". And he kept repeating "why, why, why" as if he was a philosopher.

- Driver Licence

Evidentment us podeu imaginar després de veure això que Sant Jordi no fa gaire que ha passat i que, a més... Sí, he aprovat el puto pràctic.

Obviously, you can easily see that Saint George's Day happened not very long ago and... Yes, I passed the fucking driving test.

For the people who didn't get the Saint George's Day joke: The legend says Saint George saved a princess from the jaws of a scary dragon by killing it. From its blood, roses flourished and he picked up one for the princess.
We, catalans, celebrate the 23rd of april by giving a rose to the women we love, and we recieve a book from the women that loves us. The lover's day, after all.

- Uni Stuff. I read

No em digueu que no en teniu un/a que faci el mateix.

"I pretend to give you a lecture, but actually I've just been reading from the notes word for word"
Don't tell me you've ever had any of them do exactly the same as this one.

dijous, 28 d’abril de 2011

- Soccer Pt.1 Mourinho

Ara sabem perquè Mourinho reia des de la grada estant, un cop expulsat del partit.
We all know, now, why Mourinho was laughing once he had been sent off.

diumenge, 17 d’abril de 2011

- Les Retallades Pt. 1

La Generalitat ha començat les retallades, començant pel departament de Salut (representat per l'hospital de Bellvitge) i el departament d'universitats (representat per l'edifici històric de la UB)

The Catalan Government: "Let's go ahead with the cutbacks"
The Catalan Health Department: "No! Oh, please, no!"
The Catalan Government: "HAHAHAHAHA!"
The Catalan Government: "Next!"
The Catalan Department of Universities: "Oh my god!"

The buildings represent the various protagonists above. This refers to the current political situation in Catalunya, where the government has made serious cutbacks to Health and Universities.

dimarts, 12 d’abril de 2011

- Perdoneu, Però Algú Ho Havia De Dir. Pt 1

"BlackBerries are antisocial. Excuse me, but someone had to state that"
"If someone wants to reply, my BB-Pin is: 874R792L"

This is a joke that's very common these days in Catalunya. State a fact and add "sorry, but someone had to say that". It all began with this politician we can see in the picture. His name is Joan Tardà, and it's been made popular by TV3, on a tv show called "Polònia" in which they explain day after day politics through gags.

- Star Wars 3

"Mas, agree with the dark side of the politics you must."
"Yes, master."

The catalan expresident we had a long, long time ago kind of looks like Master Yoda, and he "supervises" the current government, as it's the same political party. You can see here he's "suggesting" Mas (our current president) what's the best thing he can do.

dijous, 7 d’abril de 2011

- El Boli: Un Gran Amic Multiusos!

Se us acut alguna altra manera d'aprofitar un bolígraf?
Can you think of any other way to use a pen?

- Uni Stuff. The Door

"It's said that "this" door only opens up once every 1,000 years"
*sound of the door opening"

Aquella sensació de quan t'abandonen al mig d'una d'aquelles classes taaaan avorrides.
The feeling of being abandoned in one of these sooo boring lectures.

dijous, 31 de març de 2011

- Uni Stuff. Getting Bored

Quantes maneres hi ha per perdre el temps en les classes avorrides?

How many ways of wasting time can you think of for these boring lectures?

dimarts, 29 de març de 2011

- Uni Stuff. Doubts

Això és un homenatge a aquells professors que porten anys a la facultat i encara no s'han modernitzat.

"Are you coming to the bar?"
"Nope, I have a meeting with the teacher"
"Oh, Ok"
"Oooh, the guy with the doubts, come in, come in, take a sit"

This is a tribute for all those teachers that have been in the faculty for a very long time and still live in the stone age.

- Uni Stuff. Sneeze

Que visquin els esternuts que arriben a tercera fila!

"Oh my God, take cover!"

Pretty self explanatory.

dimecres, 23 de març de 2011

- Cut The Rope Pt.1

Morale: do not feed the animals with strange candy.
If you've never played Cut The Rope before, make sure you check out any of youtube's videos to get the joke ;)

Moralina: no doneu caramels estranys als animals.
Si no has jugat mai al "Cut The Rope", mira't algun vídeo de youtube per entendre la broma ;)

- La Trompa del Casament

"There's always someone who gets really wasted at weddings"
"It's funny until you find out its your mum..."
"Isn't that your mum over there?
"Jeez, she's off her tits!"

- Star Wars 2

"Els plànols de l'Estrella de la Mort no estan dins l'ordinador principal"
"En Darth Vader em recorda a algú..."
"Més galetes, nois?"

- Angry Birds Pt.2

"Ens han tornat a robar els ous!"
"BOOOOM!" (la traducció és força redundant)
"Els ous estan sans i estalvis"
"Què has fet?
"Oh, res, només he fet un petit canvi"

Per als que no heu jugat mai a l'Angry Birds, un dels ocells pon un ou que explota.

For those who have never played Angry Birds, there's one of the birds is able to lay an egg that explodes

- Angry Birds Pt.1

"Si, si! M'has sentit bé. Ets gras!"
"Estàs més mort!"
"I tens una punteria patètica!"

Aquesta és la sensació que tinc quan fallo un tir al joc flash que es diu "Angry Birds"

Pretty self-explanatory. That's the feeling I get when I miss any shot in this flash game called "Angry Birds"

dijous, 17 de març de 2011

- Bulls 1

Could he be the new "Air"?
Podria ser el nou "Air"?
(en referència a Air Jordan)

- Uni Stuff. El/La Catedràtic/a

Realment... perquè pregunten. El rol professor-alumne em sembla que està massa limitat, a vegades.

dimarts, 8 de març de 2011

- Barcelona X-Treme. Pt.1

Diuen que Barcelona està perfectament habilitada amb espais per a les bicicletes... O això diuen.
They say Barcelona has perfectly enabled bike lanes... Or so they say.

divendres, 25 de febrer de 2011

- Uni Stuff. Incoherències?

Exigeixo la pistola de suicidi d'alumnes!

"Teleological... Exogenous... Auxology"
"I always work with two dictionaries"
"You must too study with one or two dictionaries" (as "too" instead of "also" refering that she uses dictionaries, but she still gets basic grammar mistakes)

I request the students' suicide gun.

- Uni Stuff. Eating in Class

Sometimes they just don't get it.

dimarts, 22 de febrer de 2011

- Circle O'Life

We all know Zombies are at the top of the food chain.

Tots sabem que els Zombies estan a dalt de la cadena alimentària.

dilluns, 21 de febrer de 2011

- Star Wars 1

Ah, the paternity tests.

"Luke, t'he de tallar la mà per fer-ne proves i descobrir si sóc el teu PARE"
"Què collons?!"
Ah, els tests de paternitat.

- All Stars 2

I love Stevie Wonder, and he was there too!

*El partit de les Estrelles va ser tan bo que fins i tot l'Stevie Wonder el va poder veure*

- All Stars 1

Pretty self-explanatory.

(Rihanna cantant un dels seus èxits)
Justin Bieber: "Ho... La Rihanna la fan cantar durant el cap de setmana de les estrelles i a mi no. És injust"

diumenge, 20 de febrer de 2011

- Burocracy and Business Pt.2

Why did it have to be me?
Perquè m'havia de tocar a mi?

- Burocracy and Business Pt.1

Don't you just wish they would tell you that before you waited there for 2 hours for your turn?
De veritat que no et poden avisar que no t'atendran només entrar enlloc d'esperar 2 hores?

dissabte, 19 de febrer de 2011

- Blazers 1

*Al despatx de'n Richie Cho*
"Com et puc ajudar, Nate?"
"Hem de trobar una solució pel tema dels "genolls" urgentment!"
"Oh, ja ho hem arreglat, això!"

divendres, 18 de febrer de 2011

- Tribute to Don Hertzfeldt

Això és un homenatge a Don Hertzfeldt (animador i dibuixant).
This is a tribute to Don Hertzfeldt (animator and comic cartoonist).

- Uni Stuff Pt.2

Continuació de: Uni Stuff Pt.1
Check first: Uni Stuff Pt.1

Aquestes classes tan insuportablement avorrides...
Those so awfully boring lectures...

(talking in a southern spanish accent) "The Himports... The Hexports... HSpain... Bla bla bla"

"This is Heverything for today"

"Did you get anything?" : /

- Uni Stuff Pt.1

La situació aquella d'estar matriculat amb un bon professor i l'aula està plena, i et demana que marxis perquè a l'altra classe no hi ha assistència.

The classy situation in which you sign up with a good teacher, and he has to ask you to go because in the other classroom, the other teacher has no students attending to the lectures.

"Next week, we'll split the classroom in two in order to do the exercises. Today the left side of the class stays, and the rest go, please go to the classroom number 104"

*One week later*
"I know it sucks, but today the right side of the classroom has to go through the 104's hell."

"Okay, let's get started"

dijous, 17 de febrer de 2011

- Chop The Onions

We all know they smell (and how!), but our fellow friends should find out by themselves at home.

"Farem una mica de salsa de tomàquet"
"Ja tallo jo la ceba"
*El dia següent*
Sabem que fan mala olor (i de quina manera!), però potser que els nostres companys ho esbrinin ells mateixos a casa seva.

- Annoying Moskitoes

Not gonna trust you if you tell me you've never been woken by one of these little cabrones.

No et creuré si em dius que mai t'han despertat aquests petits tocacollons.