dijous, 28 d’abril de 2011

- Soccer Pt.1 Mourinho

Ara sabem perquè Mourinho reia des de la grada estant, un cop expulsat del partit.
We all know, now, why Mourinho was laughing once he had been sent off.

diumenge, 17 d’abril de 2011

- Les Retallades Pt. 1

La Generalitat ha començat les retallades, començant pel departament de Salut (representat per l'hospital de Bellvitge) i el departament d'universitats (representat per l'edifici històric de la UB)

The Catalan Government: "Let's go ahead with the cutbacks"
The Catalan Health Department: "No! Oh, please, no!"
The Catalan Government: "HAHAHAHAHA!"
The Catalan Government: "Next!"
The Catalan Department of Universities: "Oh my god!"

The buildings represent the various protagonists above. This refers to the current political situation in Catalunya, where the government has made serious cutbacks to Health and Universities.

dimarts, 12 d’abril de 2011

- Perdoneu, Però Algú Ho Havia De Dir. Pt 1

"BlackBerries are antisocial. Excuse me, but someone had to state that"
"If someone wants to reply, my BB-Pin is: 874R792L"

This is a joke that's very common these days in Catalunya. State a fact and add "sorry, but someone had to say that". It all began with this politician we can see in the picture. His name is Joan Tardà, and it's been made popular by TV3, on a tv show called "Polònia" in which they explain day after day politics through gags.

- Star Wars 3

"Mas, agree with the dark side of the politics you must."
"Yes, master."

The catalan expresident we had a long, long time ago kind of looks like Master Yoda, and he "supervises" the current government, as it's the same political party. You can see here he's "suggesting" Mas (our current president) what's the best thing he can do.

dijous, 7 d’abril de 2011

- El Boli: Un Gran Amic Multiusos!

Se us acut alguna altra manera d'aprofitar un bolígraf?
Can you think of any other way to use a pen?

- Uni Stuff. The Door

"It's said that "this" door only opens up once every 1,000 years"
*sound of the door opening"

Aquella sensació de quan t'abandonen al mig d'una d'aquelles classes taaaan avorrides.
The feeling of being abandoned in one of these sooo boring lectures.