dimarts, 24 de maig de 2011

- Política. Les El·leccions Municipals

Aquí tenim a la cúpula suprema de CiU: Obi Mas Kenobi; Anto-ni Adi Mundi i el mestre Pujoda recolzant al padawan Xavier Trias.

*with illusion*
"Hereu bye!"

This is not going to be easy to translate and explain.
On the left side of the picture we have CiU bosses. CiU is the central right party that is currently ruling in Catalunya. Their current president is Artur Mas (the guy with the massive chin) and he is also the current Catalunya's president. He is playing as Obi Mas Kenobi.
Then there's Antoni Duran i Lleida (the bald guy with glasses). He's CiU's representant in the central government of Spain. And he is playing as Anto-ni Adi Mundi.
There's also Jordi Pujol (the small lad). He is CiU expresident (now retired) and he was the president of Catalunya before Montilla, for 23 years. He is playing master Pujoda.
And last AND least (I particularly don't like him very much), there's Xavier Trias (the guy waving). He just won the elections for mayor of Barcelona, and he also belongs to CiU. He's not portrayed as any known Star Wars character because he's a padawan. He still has a lot to learn to join CiU's big shot group.

On the right side of the picture we have two PSC politicians (from the Socialist Catalan Party). If you have seen the previous strip there's José Montilla (the light bulb man) comforting Jordi Hereu (now ex-mayor of Barcelona because he's just lost the elections).

The joke here is double. First I turned the guys from CiU as members of the Jedi Council because, to me, they do resemble at least some of the characters. And secondly (funnier to the actual catalan viewers), the new mayor is saying to the old mayor "Hereu siau" that nearly sounds as "adeu siau" which means "goodbye" in catalan.

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