dimarts, 12 d’abril de 2011

- Perdoneu, Però Algú Ho Havia De Dir. Pt 1

"BlackBerries are antisocial. Excuse me, but someone had to state that"
"If someone wants to reply, my BB-Pin is: 874R792L"

This is a joke that's very common these days in Catalunya. State a fact and add "sorry, but someone had to say that". It all began with this politician we can see in the picture. His name is Joan Tardà, and it's been made popular by TV3, on a tv show called "Polònia" in which they explain day after day politics through gags.

2 comentaris:

  1. Jajaja, molt bona!!

    I és que és veritat, les BlackBerries son com les fans d'en Justin Bieber, una plaga.

    Per cert, en Joan Tardà s'hi assembla i tot a les vinyetes xD